Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, more media frenzy in the wake of the V-Tech shootings. Seems lots of folks out there want to blame anything or anyone except the nut job who killed the people. I am always amazed when the comments start immediately following one of these kind of things about "if only..." then it could have been prevented. Some things cannot be anticipated, and therefore, not prevented, etc. Anyway, it is very sad and when you hear the individual stories, such as the one about the hero Israeli professor trying to protect his students, who blocked the door with his own body so they had time to open windows and escape, and was killed by being shot through the door, it is heartbreaking and one can only imagine the fear experienced by all.
Seems to me that every week the news continues to get worse - all I can think is that JESUS must be coming very soon! This world is MAD!