Friday, October 23, 2009

More News from Afghanistan

Yes, TJ is now in Afghanistan near Kabul and he did feel the earthquake. It woke him up! He will be keeping Landis posted as much as possible although getting an internet connection is sporadic and he was able to get a cellphone there but it will be expensive to call. If he can access internet, they can communicate online through Skype which is great - phone/video and its' free I understand. They have already done that some while he was in Kuwait. Modern technology! So, continue to remember TJ and all our soldiers while they are serving our country. Thanks.

Reply to Cristi

I've heard nothing from Landis yet - however, as far as I know, TJ is still in either Kuwait (where he was first send for staging/preparing to Afghanistan) or at the "in between place" which we are apparently now allowed to know the exact location. Last I heard they were possibly to remain in the "in between place" because of danger to fly them into Afghanistan. I'll let y'all know more when I have an update.
Thanks for checking.