Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Reading List

Well, here's my new reading list:
I'll probably finish the novel, The Reincarnationist, today and am ready to dive into the following:

Inside the Revolution by Joel Rosenberg
The 5000 Year Leap - as recommended by Glenn Beck (ideas that changed the world)
Liberal Facism by Jonah Goldberg
Liberty & Tyranny by Mark Levin

Sounds exciting, huh? I know, I'm a little weird, but it keeps my mind stimulated and I am a news/political junky, and more lately, more & more history. I've read much Russian history in the past, so now I'm exploring more of the world.
Someday I'll finish the new biography, Einstein, which I'm over half way through, and also the biography, Houdini (same thing); I just keep getting distracted with other stuff and have recently read a few novels (which is not as common for me as non-fiction) and have really enjoyed them.
So that's the news for this Thursday!
Have a great day.

Monday, March 23, 2009


It's Monday & was busy, but not too bad. I cut my finger on the food processor blade cleaning up after making pimento cheese (which I love on our low carb diet but Phil won't eat it! I can't type much so I'll just try to post the new pics of the grandkids and their pretty mom!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photos of newly decorated room

Ok Cristi, here you go. Photos of the newly decorated bedroom (& my haircut included). As I said before, the color is richer than it appears in the photos - a bit warmer! It is a very peaceful feeling when you enter the room! I'm lovin' it.
Still haven't re-hung the paintings yet. One has color that I don't think is going to work in there, so we are deciding which art to hang. Then it will look different again!
Adam got on another boat back to work yesterday which was a great relief as there was a problem when he got off two weeks ago and he was uncertain of his status. He was reassigned and boarded a boat yesterday and I'm very relieved. Having had the problem with his job with he and three other men told them may not have jobs, then his Dad died 4 days later and having to deal with all those conflicting emotions, it was a rough trip home for him this time. He did make it up to see Landis this past weekend and their half-brother Tim and his wife came to spend the day with them, so it was good they all had an opportunity to be together again. Johnnie's death has stirred up a lot of strange feelings from sadness at the terrible circumstances of an alcoholic death to relief from years of fear and torment, to the awkwardness of those feelings, and the sadness too that the children will have to deal with the confusion of sorrow, relief and guilt because of the relief. It's a hard thing when someone dies who has alienated everyone who ever tried to love him because people just can't say, oh how he will be missed. Mostly, we can say we can't believe he lived as long as he did, and it's good that he is no longer in misery, and can no longer torment others. Johnnie T. Wilson, Jr., 6/22/46 to 3/7/09 - dead at the age of 62 from hypovolemic shock due to peptic ulcer disease, due to chronic alcoholism, according to the medical examiner. Wow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Wednesday

We're planning to create an email group of the folks who attended our We Surround Them party Friday night and share our experiences with navigating around the website and discussing how to become more involved. Someone has already suggested we might want to participate in a Tea Party! We are looking forward to becoming closer to our little group and see what happens.

We painted our bedroom wall Sunday changing it from Hunting Coat Red to Library Mahogany! It's a wonderful, deep chocolate brown and looks great - of course I had to change the bedding etc. so it's a whole newly decorated bedroom and has a very peaceful and sanctuary kind of feel to it and the gold taffeta drapes make for a wonderful, warm glow. Lovin' that.

(I'm at work so don't have a photo here to attach - the ones I took don't do it justice - they make it look darker in there than it actually is - some things you just have to see in person. )

Also, I posted a new video of Genesis on my Facebook page. Check it out.
Love to all,
The Lambs

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glenn Beck - The 912 Project

Ok, if you didn't see Glenn Beck's special yesterday "We Surround Them" you really missed it. It will be run again today on Fox News Channel. Please watch. Go to when you can get on it. So many people are going to this new site that it keeps shutting down! Connect with your family, friends, etc. and be part of taking our country back.
Also, please pray for the mental, spiritual and physical well being of Glenn Beck as he is having much success, much praise, fabulous ratings, people counting on him to be a leader, etc. and I know the government and those in power are feeling threatened by him. We need to lift him up to God who is good and is a power greater even that the almighty US Govt!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, so cute!

What a cutie! Take a look at this pretty happy, baby!