Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party & more

Philip & I joined some friends for the Memphis Tax Day Tea Party and the front page of the newspaper the next morning had this photo - I'm in the far left lower corner in the red jacket and our friends Joyce (green sweater, Paul Revere hat! & Steve (Greed sign) are right there with me. It was an interesting thing to do, we had a great turn out and I felt good for participating!
Also, Gen turned 6 mos old this week (the 15th) and here are her latest smiling photos!
It's beautiful here today and I can't wait to get home and enjoy the afternoon/evening. Our neighborhood yard sale is tomorrow morning and it's going to rain in the afternoon, so need to make the most of this beautiful weather while possible.
Love to all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a nice Easter weekend and hope you did too. We visited a new church, Great Commission, in Olive Branch and it was good. So close to home and like our beloved Heartsong - casual and rock & roll praise! We had friends over for lunch in the afternoon and enjoyed the evening.

Here's a photo of the turtles sunning themselves on the boat dock out back. Spring is fun as all the wildlife gets active, if you know what I mean, and we have Mallards building nests under our willow tree and will have baby duckies to watch soon.

Love to all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

It's Good Friday and I'm at work but looks like most people aren't. I used to have this day off but no more. I could have taken a vacation day, but since losing half my vacation time in the job change, I decided I better hold onto some days for later in the year to cover all our adventures, conventions, etc. It's gray out and pretty quiet. I am looking forward to the weekend, a big get together tomorrow evening with a bonfire up in Fisherville and Easter Sunday. I'm hoping Mom is getting well and feeling up to an Easter Sunday visit!

Here's a photo of the boat Adam is now on and we hope he'll have a good experience, get settled in and be able to get back to enjoying his work after his recent change of vessels.
Love to all and Happy Easter!
Thanks to our Lord and our King

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A little tweaking

Ok, had to do just a little tweaking to the decorating in the "new" bedroom. The pillow I had on the bed wasn't right - it had a little sort of dark fuscia stripe in it that just threw off the colors of everything else just a bit, so I changed that and I found a lamp that just absolutely belongs in that room with the new browns! So, here's another couple of pics to bring it up to date!

Also, we had a fabulous day today - did my little decorating this morning, got our website for the business updated and took a long ride out in the country in the 1976 Triumph Spitfire convertible! The weather was absolutely perfect today - sunny and not cool or hot - just right! It was great. Stopped on the way home, picked up some steaks and chops and grilled out! Now, dinner's done, and it's time to be mellow, watch some TV and enjoy the evening time!

Love to all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, here is our "new" sofa - and below are the before pics. Phil recovered this sofa over 10 yrs ago when we first moved into our house; it was time for an update and now we have this yummy nutmeg leather! I'm lovin' this. Now, of course, I'll be trying to get thim to do something new to the loveseat too!